Aurora Team

Aurora Travel is proud of having a team of highly effective and proactive staff and guides. We are well-educated, well-trained, high performing and high achieving. In the back office we have a team of multilingual speaking staff: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German and in the front we have qualified foreign-language speaking tour guides, which include English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch.

We are all local residents of Indochina who have profound knowledge about the area we are living in. We have many years of work experience as guides and operators in Indochina. We are fully aware of our travelers’ needs and what we need to do in order to best meet these needs.

We are all customer service-oriented, quality focused and detail attentive. We can totally rest assured that you are taken care of by the most effective and diligent staff in Indochina. We have long been characterized by our high sense of enthusiasm and responsibility!

Last but not least, we love our job, we love to travel and become your travel advisor, and more importantly, your travel-mate. We desire to make every moment of your trip a once-in-the-life-time experience!