1/2 day Days
Hue Royal cuisine has always been a unique feature that could not be found in anywhere else in Vietnam. It is highly appreciated not only in the processing way but also in decoration and presentation. This half-day activity with a royal descendant will offer an opportunity to get to know more about the Royal cuisine in Hue through a royal descendant.
  • Hue still retains much of its past glory in gastronomy from being the feudal capital and what makes Hue royal cuisine unique is its diverse ingredients, delicate preparation, and artful presentation. “Both royal and folk dishes of Hue have flourished. Hue women dedicate their souls to the delicacies.” said by a passionate and talented chef, known as the “Heiress of Hue Royal Cuisine”. What better way to experience an amazing journey tour than to have the royal  descendant chef take you out for a market tour to enjoy the tantalizing sights,  smells, and flavors of local produces? Then, get to her private venue where you will learn how to prepare some royal main dishes, from selecting and seasoning to plating a typical royal meal which you will sample afterward.