Banyan Tree Resorts in Bali Are Ranked Highly By Time

Update: Aug 08, 2022

The Angsana Saranam Wellbeing Resort and Buahan, a Banyan Tree Escape in Bali are listed on TIME's list of the World's Greatest Places in 2022.

The 50 amazing vacation places featured on this year's Time list of the World's Greatest Places come from all corners of the globe. TIME asked its global network of journalists and writers for suggestions of locations, including nations, regions, cities, and towns, focusing on those that provide novel and intriguing experiences.

Buahan, A Banyan Tree Escape was praised for its innovative "no walls, no doors" idea in its bales (villas) and throughout the seclusion of the property in Bali, Indonesia. The peaceful village of Buahan, located north of Ubud, provides a panoramic view of Bali's seven beautiful peaks while being surrounded by rice terraces and jungle. It is also close to the Ayung River and waterfall. Each of the resort's 16 exquisite bales is built to integrate indoor and outdoor spaces, putting just a thin barrier between visitors and the natural world.

The Angsana Saranam Wellness Resort, scheduled to open by the end of 2022, was also mentioned, demonstrating the ongoing interest in wellness services for leisure travelers. The resort, which is tucked away in the Bedugul mountains in Bali's central highlands,

In order to allow our guests to connect with themselves, others, and the environment at their own speed, Banyan Tree Group has established the brand extension, Banyan Tree Escape. And even though we have yet to publicly introduce our brand-new, Bali-based Angsana resort, which will focus on wellbeing, this dual recognition affirms our commitment to providing exceptional, design-driven experiences that are rooted in sustainability and wellbeing through our multi-brand ecosystem.