13 Days
Thailand has always been famous for its numerous stunning beaches and this ideal journey is specifically designed for the beach lovers. It covers most of the quiet islands in the Andaman Sea- southern Thailand: Koh Muk, Koh Kradan and Koh Ngai – those have yet to be in the tourist trail; as well as the famous Koh Phi Phi for more water sports, activities and fun.
  • Upon arrival at Trang airport in Trang province, we transfer to the Kuantungku pier for a long-tail boat journey to Koh Muk (also known as Koh Mook), meaning “Pearl” Island. Koh Muk is a blissful island in the Andaman Sea, southern Thailand. The island has yet to be as busy as the other bigger islands in the area, a great place for for chilling out.
    Enjoy our first 03 nights on this island. Beach rest & relax.
  • It’s a pleasant long-tail boat ride from Koh Muk to Koh Kradan. The tranquility of Koh Kradan has been ignored over the last decade and it remains best-known for its annual mass underwater-weddings rather than the stunning beach and large coral reef.

    Another 03 overnight stay on this beautiful island. Beach rest & relax.
  • After a very short ferry ride from Koh Kradan, we reach Koh Ngai- another true beach getaway with long white sand beaches and shallow water, looking out onto distant limestone karsts. The island is also covered by the forest with quite many wild animals. So coming to this island, make sure the walking shoes are always packed for our walking or hiking trips, besides the other water activities. It also said that this island is really an option for families.

    Enjoy another 03 nights on this idyllic island.
  • We travel by ferry (about 2hours) to Koh Phi Phi island where still the highlight of our beach holiday. Phi Phi is one of the famous islands in Thailand that attracts the most beach-lovers. It is also an ideal island for snorkeling or diving.  
    Staying our last 3 nights on Phi Phi island.
  • Leisure for rest & relax. At a good time, we transfer to the local pier for a ferry/speedboat ride to Phuket pier. From here, we transfer to Phuket airport for our departure flight.

    Note: It takes about 2hours to get to Phuket airport from Phi Phi island.
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