Full Day
Ha Noi and its surroundings are home to the ancient pagoda. Most Buddhists believe in an afterlife without suffering, and one must have a vegetarian diet to help reduce the Karma made from previous lives. Spend an unforgettable day with the local monks at an ancient pagoda, listen to their typical religious life. An opportunity to walk around the nearby Bat Trang handicraft village to know why the ceramic products here are well-known across the country.
  • This morning, drive out from downtown Ha Noi to its outskirts and spend a day with the local monks at an ancient pagoda. Meet with the monk and listen to the typical religious life. Involve yourself in the reading time and get a glimpse of human beings in Buddhism and the basic purpose of following the teaching of Buddha. Afterward, take a walk around the peaceful precinct and enjoy a prayer ceremony for a good life, close your eyes while holding the candles, and whispering your wish.

    Meditation is a special method for familiarizing our minds with positivity or virtue. This tranquil setting is ideal for you to learn the best breathing techniques and physical flexibility, which are the optimum combination for balanced interaction between mind and spirit. Followed by a pure vegetarian lunch made from natural ingredients, learn what monks usually have for a meal.

    After lunch, bid farewell the monk and stroll around the nearby Bat Trang ceramics village. Stop at a small family-run factory who still use traditional methods to make simple yet sturdy ceramics meant for daily use and chat with the craftsmen as they share their life stories. You will have a chance to test your skills and creativeness by making your pottery products with the guidance of the local skillful craftsmen.

    Wander around the village and make a stop at the ceramic market to learn more about the local trade and opt to purchase nice ceramic products (own account) to bring home as a unique souvenir.