1/2 day
Originating in the 10th century, water puppetry is a unique folk art found only in Vietnam. This traditional art is the lively creation of farmers who spent their days in flooded rice fields. This special visit at a local artisan’s house will educate you on this puppetry art. Get yourself in artisan’s role to handle the water puppets or try to make and paint a puppet under the guidance of this great but humble artisan.
  • Today, spend a special visit to a local house, nested in a small alley of Ha Noi to meet a water puppet artisan who acquired a passion for this folk art in his childhood. Being a descendant of a family involved in Vietnamese water puppetry, he inherited the talent and passion from his father of playing with puppets, making puppets by creating a mini stage for water puppetry and bringing his fantastic solo performances to several countries outside Vietnam.  Engage with him to find out a glorious time of this art, his unforgettable experience traveling to different corners of the world to introduce this Vietnamese culture & folklore to the world. Then enjoy an impressive 30-minute water puppet show watching lion dance buffalo fighting, rice farming, and boat racing, etc…with a live traditional orchestra playing music in the background. Option to get yourself in artisan’s role to handle puppets in the water or try to make and paint a puppet under the guidance of this friendly artisan.