Vietnam Recognized as One of the World's Top 10 Friendliest Destinations for International Travelers

According to a recent report from Canadian magazine The Travel, Vietnam has emerged as one of the friendliest destinations for foreign tourists, joining Cambodia as the only Southeast Asian countries on the esteemed list. The magazine highlighted the significance of politeness and respect in Vietnamese culture, attributing the warm reception visitors receive to these cultural values.

Despite the potential language barrier, travelers to Vietnam consistently encounter welcoming smiles from the locals. The magazine emphasized that the Vietnamese people actively seek opportunities to engage and interact with visitors, ensuring they feel embraced and at ease throughout their stay.

The rankings were determined based on a survey conducted by InterNations, the largest global community and information platform for individuals residing and working abroad. The survey encompassed insights from 12,000 participants spanning across 186 countries and territories.

Joining Vietnam on the list were other renowned destinations celebrated for their friendliness, including Canada, Colombia, Oman, Costa Rica, Bahrain, Mexico, Taiwan, and Portugal.

Vietnam's inclusion in this prestigious ranking not only reflects the warmth and hospitality of its people but also reinforces its standing as an exceptional travel destination. So, pack your bags and embark on a memorable journey to Vietnam, where a friendly welcome awaits you at every turn.