Update: Aug 04, 2020

For special events and all occasions, Aurora Travel & DMC MICE team will impress you with a themed, inspiring and flawless plan. From the venue selection to tableware, every detail is attended to with originality and dedicated execution.
Dinners in luxurious rooms, on the seashore, on a rooftop with a spectacular view, in the middle of a colonial square; spaces transformed with the simplest or most luxurious decoration, with the most innovative ideas or with total elegance; styles ranging from classic, vintage, rustic, boho, to modern, elegant, marine; entertainment with a string solo or with a dance music orchestra; the options are numerous.
From joyful private purposes to brilliant fun-filled performances, your dinner and themed parties will shine brightly against the magnificent background of Indochina and Thailand. Demonstrate the success of your company to customers and staff, confirm your high ranking in your industry. Our event management team can customize any type of gala parties or celebration events according to your needs. We make great suggestions, calculate costs, and handle all details to save your precious time, give you confidence in the success of clients’ events.
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