The Most Exciting Activities In Kampot

Update: Oct 12, 2022

Kampot, a peaceful town, doesn't pretend to be anything it isn't. You'll effortlessly fall into a balance of leisurely days on the river and breathtaking drives through red dirt roads because the area is naturally lovely and alluring. With rock climbing, river cruises, and jungle treks, you can quickly reconnect with Mother Earth in this area that is comparatively undiscovered by tourists.

Due to its role as the nation's capital during the French occupation, Kampot has a lengthy history. Today, visitors can rent a motorcycle and explore a number of deserted French colonial mansions and churches, evoking adventures à la Indiana Jones. Overall, Kampot is distinct from all other Cambodian cities. Don't miss this undiscovered city gem if you enjoy historical exploration and outdoor adventure.

La Plantation Pepper Farm
Black pepper is the top export from Kampot. The chance to visit black pepper farms, where guides take you through various stages of the black pepper forest and allow you to sample the spicy goods along the way, would appeal to foodies. The tours are completely free and without any aggressive salespeople, which is the best part!

Kampot River
With its twisting bends through thick jungle and mangroves, the Kampot River is the height of beauty. It is clean enough to swim in and gives breathtaking sunset views. The most exciting means of exploration? Put on your safety belt and board a high-speed water jet tour boat that zips along the river at up to 80 kph while doing 360-degree donuts and making you scream.

Bokor National Park
Bokor National Park is home to enormous abandoned French Colonial homes and curiously abandoned churches, giving this rainforest an eerie, ghost town vibe. It also features thick jungle, singing birds, and babbling brooks. Bring your camera because you'll want to document the enormous Buddha statue and the breathtaking panoramas of Cambodia's meandering valleys.

Go Paddle Boarding
The Kampot River's calm surface makes it the perfect location for a day of paddle boarding. Take the board out for an hour or two, paddle down the river while being surrounded by nature and birds, then get off and go for a cool bath.

Explore the Local Villages via Motorbike
The days in Kampot when you simply point your car in the general direction you want to go are some of the most satisfying days. To take in some breathtaking sights, head to Nut Hill (Phnom Dung), Fishing Island (Koh D'tray), or Kampot's salt plains.

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