Michelin-Star Dining Elegance in Hanoi: A Culinary Journey

Renowned chefs, both local and international, have brought their exceptional skills to Hanoi, creating a vibrant food scene. From intimate dining venues to glamorous Michelin-starred restaurants, Hanoi offers a plethora of options for the discerning gourmand.

Gia Restaurant earned a prestigious Michelin star, making it one of just four restaurants in Vietnam to receive this honor, which is awarded for culinary excellence. The restaurant at 61 Pho Van Mieu in Dong Da District takes inspiration from traditional Vietnamese cuisine and regional cultural aesthetics. This deep-rooted connection is beautifully reflected in the interior design.

The signature water puppet at Gia Restaurant

Gia's signature offering is the tasting menu, a delightful journey that comprises more than 10 pre-set dishes, expertly paired with beverages that complement the flavors of each course.

Before indulging, the staff shares a brief story, a culinary tale that the chef seeks to convey through the dish, along with instructions on how best to savor it, allowing diners to appreciate the full spectrum of flavors.

These narratives are short and concise within 1 minute, ensuring a seamless dining experience without disrupting the pleasure of the meal.

The unique dish at Gia Restaurant

The current menu, titled "Full Moon," celebrates the arrival of the northern autumn and marks the restaurant's momentous achievement of receiving its first Michelin star. It is priced at VND1.2 million ($49) per person.

The menu features dishes such as beef tartare with betel leaves (L) and reef stonefish liver with sturgeon eggs, wrapped in biscuits (R). These dishes evoke the image of the moon.

The signature beef tartare

The next course presents polysciasfruticosa (dinh lang) served with guava leaves and passion fruit sauce. Most components of these dishes are prepared on-site, with only a few exceptions such as the cookie crust. To savor the full array of approximately 10 dishes, patrons should allow at least 1.5 hours for their dining experience.

The detail of handcrafted chopsticks

For this course, chopsticks are the utensil of choice. The restaurant offers a selection of handcrafted chopsticks made from ebony and rosewood, allowing diners to choose the perfect pair for their meal.

One of the main highlights is the Phu Quoc squid, bathed in a sauce made from crab roe and tomatoes, then crowned with salmon eggs. The result is a combination of tender squid, luscious egg, and a flavorful sauce that tantalizes the palate.

Phu Quoc squid dish

Small portions of vegetables on the side add a refreshing touch, reminiscent of the traditional vegetable baskets seen in Hanoi while enjoying bun cha and vermicelli noodles.

Following this is the A4 Wagyu beef, served with mashed pumpkin and a hint of basil, evoking memories of Hue beef noodle soup. However, the resemblance ends at the appearance and flavor, as A4 Wagyu beef offers a distinct and tender taste, complemented by the mashed pumpkin.

 A4 Wagyu beef

The mushroom rice, crafted from Bac Huong rice, takes center stage as a signature dish of Gia Restaurant. The grains are flexible, slightly sticky, and infused with a delightful fragrance. Diners are advised to start by enjoying the steamed egg bowl with snow mushrooms before digging into the rice.

The creativity of the Gia team shines through, with Chef Sam Tran and colleagues dedicating two weeks to procure ingredients in the West, though ultimately none were used for the "Full Moon" menu.

The mushroom rice

"The creative process involves much experimentation. We intend to incorporate Western ingredients into our upcoming menus," said a restaurant spokesperson.