Storm Enters The Gulf Of Tonkin

The fifth storm in the East Sea, international name Sanba, is expected to reach a maximum speed of nearly 88 km/h (level 9) tomorrow morning, then weaken into a tropical depression.

The National Center for Hydrometeorological Forecasting said that at 7:00 a.m. today, the storm's center was in the southeast sea of the Gulf of Tonkin, with the strongest wind speed of 74 km/h, level 8. The storm continued in the north-northwest direction at a high speed. at 10 km/h and may get stronger. By 7 a.m. tomorrow in the northern Gulf of Tonkin, the strongest wind will be at levels 8-9.

On October 21, due to interaction with cold air from the North, the storm turned south, weakening into a tropical depression and low-pressure area in the Gulf of Tonkin, with the strongest wind below level 6.

Japanese and Hong Kong stations all believe that the storm will reach its peak speed of about 85-88 km/h tomorrow morning in the middle of the Gulf of Tonkin, then turn south and quickly downgrade. The forecast path is a bit different, while Vietnamese and Hong Kong stations believe that the storm is close to Hainan Island (China), the US and Japanese Navy stations, and TSR of the University of London believe that the storm will keep its distance from this island.

Under the influence of the storm, the Gulf of Tonkin (including Co To and Bach Long Vi islands) and Quang Tri waters had gradually stronger winds from level 6 to 9, gusting to level 11, sea waves were 2-4 m high, then increased to 3- 5 m. From the night of October 19, the coastal areas of Quang Ninh and Thai Binh had winds gradually increasing to level 6, gusting to level 7-8.

On the mainland, from tonight to tomorrow night, the southern plains, the northeast of the North, and the North Central region will have 15-30 mm of rain, with some places over 60 mm. This rainfall is much lower than previously forecast because the storm traveled far from the mainland. Rain in the Central region decreased rapidly.

Sanba is the fifth storm in the East Sea this year. The two previous batteries Koinu and Sao La entered the East Sea and headed north, not affecting Vietnam. It is forecasted that another storm or tropical depression may appear in October.

The National Steering Committee for Natural Disaster Prevention yesterday afternoon requested coastal provinces from Quang Ninh to Binh Dinh to closely monitor storm developments and count ships; Coordinate with the Border Guard Command and the Department of Fisheries to guide ships and boats to anchor, take shelter, protect cages, watchtowers, aquaculture areas, and proactively ban the sea depending on the progress of the storm.

On the night of the 16th and the morning of the 17th, two squid fishing boats near the Truong Sa archipelago were sunk by waves, killing 2 people, and 13 people are currently missing.