VIETNAM 2020 - New School for Students in Hua Na Village

On 5/1/2020, Hua Na school - Chieng Ly Primary School, Chieng Ly Commune, Thuan Chau District, Son La was officially inaugurated with a total value of more than 361 million VND, bringing a solid classroom space. Steady, stable, standard tables and chairs, new toilets and safe playground for 35 first grade pupils of Hua Na village - the most difficult village.

π€π”π‘πŽπ‘π€ 𝐓𝐑𝐀𝐕𝐄𝐋 & πƒπŒπ‚ with the benefactors and the Nham Tuat Son La Association with the participation of the Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Chieng Ly commune, the Board of Directors, teachers, students and students attended the inauguration ceremony of Chieng school. Glass.

At the opening ceremony, practical gifts (blankets, notebooks, shirts, hats and wool scarves) were given to 35 first graders and 102 preschool pupils, 07 sets of folding tables and chairs for 7 disadvantaged pupils. towels at the spot, 10 fans donated Hua Na primary school and preschool, 10 backpacks for Hua Na elementary teachers and other gifts.

Starting construction on November 16, 2019, the Hua Na primary school site will be completed by the end of December 2019 so that students will have a new school to study in January 2020. Previously, they studied Students have to move and study temporarily at the next school site 3.5 km from Hua Na village because the original classroom built of wood and bamboo from before 2000 has been seriously degraded and at risk of collapsing at any time. Hua Na school site is located 14km from the central school, located in the extremely difficult village of Chieng Ly commune, Thuan Chau district, Son La, with the percentage of poor and near poor households nearly 55%.