VIETNAM 2014 - Building a "Warm Bath" for Children in The Highlands

In the past, schools in Sung Mang had no electricity or water, and classrooms collapsed in flash floods and rain leaks. Later, the school was built by the state, students no longer had to drop out of school, but living conditions were still very difficult. There are classes already, but because they are far from home, they miss school a lot, and the school takes care of more accommodation built from corn stalks and tarpaulins. 

When Elementary and Middle School were separated, the old classroom was used as a boarding area. Water is scarce, students have to carry cans to the lake hanging nearly a kilometer from the school to get water. The restroom does not have water, students have to shower in a corner of the water tank covered with a cement sheet. The wind blows bitterly cold, cold water cups are poured on the body in a hurry, wet clothes are left on and will dry on their own.

Sustainable socio-economic development for a poor locality has always been a long story, requiring a lot of time and effort from many sides, the first of which is to disseminate public awareness.

In 2014, Aurora Travel once again, together with For A Warm Winter Charity Fund, came to Ha Giang to connect loving arms to poor students of Sung Mang Junior High School, Meo Vac District, Ha Giang Province. The program ended with Aurora and For A Warm Winter completing the construction of a warm bathhouse and a system to bring water from the reservoir to the school.