VIETNAM 2015 - For a Better Living

Winter in the highlands is cold and harsh. This makes highland children very afraid to bathe, especially when they have to bathe outdoors, or in makeshift bathhouses. Therefore, Aurora Travel and For A Warm Winter Charity Fund decided to continue building "warm baths" for highland students.

In 2013, Aurora Travel came to give charity gifts in Lung Chinh commune (Meo Vac district, Ha Giang province). This is the first time the group has come to a place without electricity and water, so they have to carry it from a hanging lake about 2km from the school. The school is located between the gap between two mountains, so the humidity is high and the wind is cold.

During our stay, we realized that the place where the group was staying did not have electricity, water, cold weather, lack of everything. According to the group's survey, there are almost no bathrooms in boarding schools. Which school has more conditions, the bathroom is shared with the toilet. The students had to go collect firewood to boil water for bathing.

Aurora Travel has once again accompanied the Warm Winter Charity Fund with the goal of building 3 warm bathrooms with a water system from a hanging lake. The project was successful on schedule and brought the students here with better living conditions.