VIETNAM 2018 - A Warm Tet Holiday for Homeless people in Hanoi

It has been more than 8 months since the Vietnam’s traditional Tet Holiday 2018, but the good memories about it are still vivid in our mind. This was a very special Tet for Aurora Staff. 

Tet holiday is the most important holiday in Vietnam when everyone comeback home and celebrate with their family. However, there are many homeless people in Hanoi who are living in poor and unfavorable conditions. Therefore, our Spanish team decided to give those people a happy Tet holiday. The team spent their night time after work to bring warm clothes, blankets and food for poor and homeless people. At first, they seemed to be surprised but quickly they turned out very happy and received all the goods with appreciation. 

Let us share with you some photos of this activity and spread our will of helping other people!