VIETNAM 2012 - Gift for Poor Students in Meo Vac - Hang Giang

Classroom in Son Vi highland area (Meo Vac, Ha Giang). Hunger and poverty still haunt the lives of the people here, often accompanied by the thirst for words in the lives of future generations of the H'mong people in the mountainous region.

Motivating children to go to class is difficult, but keeping them in class is even more difficult. The lurking hunger forced them to struggle for a living from a very early age.

In the months of hunger, every day when I go to school, I find the class a little less. They often skip class, invite each other to the forest to pick bamboo shoots, then walk dozens of kilometers to the market, selling to small traders from below. The school that was empty was even more empty.

When they go to class, they no longer focus on the lesson. And sometimes many children ask to leave in the middle of school to go to the forest to collect firewood in exchange for corn and rice.

With the desire that the children here can go to school inadequate conditions, Aurora has cooperated with the Warm Winter charity fund to bring encouraging gifts to the children including 500 pairs of shoes, 500 cans of condensed milk, packages of school supplies, clothing, and snacks to over 500 children in the Meo Vac district of Ha Giang province.