VIETNAM 2019 - Building class rooms for children in Ngai Thau

The old nursery built temporary wooden since 2003 has been degraded due to humid weather and fog, 51 students every day have to study in cramped classrooms and not safe enough (in the storm In the beginning of June, one of the roofs of the school collapsed).

In that situation, We Aurora Travel and DMC Warm Winter Charity Fund in collaboration with the Youth Union of Bat Xat district to mobilize financial support to build schools for preschool children in Ngai Thau village with the scale of 2 classrooms 2 toilets, 1 training room, 1 kitchen and 1 storage room with playground, designed by Vietnam Construction and Consulting Corporation.

After a lot of efforts Den Thang Nursery in Bat Xat district of Lao Cai province was finally inaugurated, ready to greet first class students in November 2018. On the inauguration, the delegation also organized many activities such as film screening, photography for students, wall painting, and gift 110 gifts for pupils, primary schools Ngai Thau village, including warm clothes, toothbrush set milk, toys.